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Recent mention of 1911 Full Auto sent me back into my dusty archives.
There was some activity on this forum couple years back and some of my
info is from there. When it started I don't know but it was full blown
in the mid-1930s, with Dillenger and Babyface Nelson using them. The
maker was found to be a Hyman Lebman of San Antonio TX, later
prosecuted but not convicted. Colt & others were experimenting with 1911 FA. See pix.

Never interested in full-auto, I had a couple brushes with the subject
of possible interest. First I had a Chinese .45ACP C-96 Mauser I
tried to shoot with conical rounds, it wouldn't feed. Put in half mag
of old hardball and fired. I didn't realize it went full-auto till it
wouldn't fire again, empty standing open, disconnecter fault. Second
I bought a Colt 1905 .45ACP that had a piece sawed out of it with mods
I think intended for full auto.

It is possible to disable the 1911 disconnector in a few minutes with
a Dremel. Whether it would be reliable full auto I don't know but the
mods in the 1905 seemed intended to slow down the rate of fire. I
never figured it out because some parts were missing. It had a mod to
the barrel link, a little rocker that reached down to the trigger and
a roller installed on the bottom of the trigger to ease its movement
in the TG. Looked like the piece sawed out of the frame was for
access to its innards for adjustment. Wear on the parts looked like
it had seen quite a lot of activity. I repaired it, putting it back
to a collectible 1905.

If anyone is interested, I have a long write-up on it, PM me with your
email address.

It is possible that the work on my 1905 could date back around WWI.
A 1905 would have been obsolescent then and a typical piece to use
for development, its innards being identical in function to the 1911.
Argument against post WWI is that the 1905 was scarce in face of scads
of 1911s available for $5-10 surplus.

We will probably never know but it's an interesting subject.

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Thanks for sharing the pictures and info. The facts about Hyman Lebman are of particuler interest as I lived in San Antonio for many years.
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