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1911 grips

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Stock grips or Pachmayr for everyday concealed carry.
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I carry a compact 1911 and have tried many different grips. The only two I use are Alumagrips and Pachmayr. I have carried a 1911 for 20+ years.
Stock or Stags. Any rubberized grip tends to cling to cloth potentially hanging up the draw or printing or riding up and exposing the gun. Just my 2 cents but I carry everyday almost always one of my 1911's.
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The purpose of a pistol grip is to insure you have a firm, non-slip grip.
You can't shoot accurately or fast if the gun is slipping in your hand.
Rubber isn't very attractive, nor does it add individuality to a gun to make it more "yours", but all too often we pick grips because they look nice.

Few grips offer a better grip then Pachmayr or Hogue rubber grips. No matter how cold and wet, or hot and sweaty, or even bloody, rubber is about the best.
There are newer materials and texturing processes that offer an excellent grip, such as modern synthetics with extremely aggressive textures, but rubber is still hard to beat.

On every pistol I own, I have rubber grips.
With good front and rear checking on a 1911 frame, rubber grip panels are not needed. I use VZ or Miltac brand slanted grips for my carry and competition guns. As stated above, the rubber may cling/catch on clothes.

Rubber grip panels are seldom seen on competition guns at our local IDPA matches in CDP "1911" division. If any of my 1911's had a smooth grip frame, I might reconsider. My old collectable Colt 1911's have smooth grip frames, but of course, I would never install rubber grips on them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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