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So only one thing is keeping me from pulling the trigger (totally unintentional pun) on a new 1911 is the finish. I can't decide between a Blued Series 70 or a Stainless Series 70. I absolutely love stainless guns however the blued 1911 looks more like the stereo-typical "classic" 1911. I've been picturing the stainless model with either original grips or pearl grips with the silver medallions. If I got a blued 1911, I would probably put the aged "yellowish" faux ivory grips with silver medallions on it.

I know the original 1911s were blued. When did Colt start making the Stainless 1911's? I know people claim AMT made the first stainless 1911, The Hardballer, but after all it was a clone of the original series 70 right?

Which do you guys consider to be the more "classic" looking configuration? Which would you prefer to own?

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