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I wouldn't dispute your announcement that the 1911 is, "the ultimate." At times, I think so, too. But, HELP? Who's, "unertl?" I have some farm toys made by, "ertl!?" I must admit, too, the pedigree component parts you mention are equally strange to me. I DO know what a Colt .45 is, though. More information, please? <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hebejebe:
Unertl is making 1911's!
Yep, Unertl.
New modern factory in Las Vegas.
They, Unertl, make no bones about it.
The US military is looking at, initially, 2800 1911's and Unertl is targeting them.
Heck, they've already got the Marine sniper scope market.

S&W has a 1911; Sig, H&k and CZ are looking into making one.
Throw in all the other clones, the market exists.

Caspian matched slide and frame and Picatinny style rail.
Ed Brown, Videki, Smith an Alexander, and Pearce components.

Browning's design withstands the test of time and torture.

Colt blew it!


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SALUTE, Colonel! Tell me about this 1911 Colt forum, would you? <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Col. Colt:
Although I have to agree in principle with many of your "old news" complaints, the Colt of today is not the same company that made all those mistakes many years ago. And they are improving their already impressive product steadily.

I wouldn't complain much about the old revolver line - the Python and Dick Special was always there and the .44 Maggie was just a niche market until Harry Callahan made it the macho thing to have - so Colt then produced the Anaconda. Before that I doubt if the numbers produced barely made sense for S&W to make it themselves.

A new ISO 9001 certified Colt plant and and Careful, Intelligent Use of new technologies like MIM and castings is now the order of the day. MIM can work in low stress applications - and Colt uses MIM for the disconnector, sear and mag catch where it is proven to work OK. They learned the hard way that MIM is completely wrong for extractors and, to their credit, returned to a Bar Stock Extractor.

MIM is always "the cheaper way" never the better way. $3.00 per part in quantity. Kimber uses the extra money saved to buy ads to brainwash the gullible.

Unlike Colt's, Colt's competitors use MIM way too much for the wrong parts. It is still an adulterated material made from two totally dissimilar elements - flaws come easy to the MIM process. You find them when the part breaks due to a void in the slurry, improper heating/cooling rates, etc. Colt seems to have very few problems these day with individual parts failing, so their suppliers must know something others do not.

Castings, again intelligently applied, work fine for grip safeties, thumb safeties, etc. Make them thick enough and you can use Cast for everything - ask the Ruger clan.

Colt's biggest problem is being a Union shop in Connecticut - high costs, difficult to fire/discipline employees. Yet progress is being made even so. See Mark1648's latest Post in the Colt Forum at 1911 for updates direct from a Colt exec.

Let's not forget that Kimbers have always had problems with MIM breakage and definite problems with the "new" Schwartz Series II firing pin lock (they copied from Colt's original 1937 design to avoid paying Colt royalties like ParaOrd). Springfield Armory's 1911s are finally losing their "square" frames to become more Colt like, but they are still made in a Metric country - Brazil - and vary a lot, gun to gun, in quality.

But as Mark1648 at Colt will tell you, the Colonel is one of his harshest critics - I want and expect more from Colt - and I let them know that at every opportunity. Fortunately, it appears the tide has turned. As you say, time will tell.

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits & Patent Infringements"

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