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1919 m1911

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Finally found me a M1911 USGI gun. It was made in 1919 and has been refinished, wrong trigger, hammer. And grips.

Collector value maybe limited, but for less than a colt competition I like it as a piece of history.


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Well if you are happy with it than go shoot the heck out of it and have fun.
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You have my sincere congratulations!
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yup, you did good... I saw on the other forum you didn't pay too much for it so thats good. Being a black army pistol, a refinish isn't a bad thing. Original is always better, but whatever, enjoy it, it looks great!
Barrel looks like it may have come from a Springfield Armory NM pistol from the 1960's era.
Yeah its a 779 replacement barrel
Yeah its a 779 replacement barrel
Is that a serial number on the barrel chamber that can just be seen in your photo? There was a NM 7790429, NM7790313, and NM 7791414. They weren't GI replacement barrels, but purpose built NM barrels with enough extra metal to allow custom fitting. If that is a serial number it has already been fitted to a previous match pistol.
I have the same era 1911 made in 1919. Congrats
According to the Poyer book it is a replacement barrel from the 50s(not sure on years will have to look)? It has the M P and box C military marks on the lug. Yeah its serialed to a different gun, but it dropped in fine in my friends two m1911a1s so not certain it was special fit. As a military barrel it would have to be interchangeable with other guns by design.
The 779 number is not a serial number so it can be safely posted, and the last four digits tell what the barrel is.

Once the barrels have been fitted to a NM pistol they should drop into any generous spec Model 1911 with no problem.
Sorry 779 wasnt because i was worried about it, just couldn't remember off top of my head.

45 ACP NM 7790313
Nice pistol, I like it although is not a collectible, if you shoot it at least stay away from heavy loads an replace the main spring with a 16 lb.
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