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1957 Python

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I have a fellow in a neighboring city that has advertised this gun, and he says he can meet in 3 hours. This is how the ad reads:

6" royal blue 98% condition asking 2800.00

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Am I looking at a "57, or do I need more info?
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That appears to be an early Python; it is showing features consistent with the early guns (high front sight rib, flat rear sight, barrel rollmark near the frame, full checkered stocks). A S/N would provide an exact DOM.

Flat front sideplate screw looks odd to me, however it could be unique to the early guns.

Appears to be a good asking price for that gun assuming finish is original and this isn't another armslist scam.
I wonder if someone misplaced the front side plate screw for the one that should be hidden under the grips. I think the rounded head one may be under the stock while the flat one is in the lower position?
What happened to the side plate? Is it as scraped up as it looks? or maybe it's just the flash??
I looked the fellows name up on search, and came up with a few interesting items, I'm wondering if this is "too good to be true". I'll wait and see if he calls me back.
Looks like the images were taken on a jon boat. Anyone seen these images before?
Hard to tell about condition from the pictures but if you can do a FTF then by all means do so. Weagle is right on in his comment. The grips are worth $500 on their own. And they have the correct gold medallion.
I was looking at the stocks in the first image, and wondering if there is a chip out at the point the trigger guard meets the grip?
It does have the appearance of a 56/57 Python.The reflections on the side plate make it look bad.If it looks as good as it does in the photos it's a good buy at $2800.JMO D*
Got my money, and went to buy the gun. It is a 1957 Python, however, the pony is half buffed out, dished screw holes, and wavy flat surfaces. The other side of the stocks has a speed loader semi-circle gouged out of the wood just above the pristine gold colt emblem. I had a half barf-burp, and told the fellow I'd pass for today.
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And they say every picture tells a story.....sometimes NOT the whole story.....RR
The serial number was 4 digits, and I took a proofhouse cheatsheet with me to verify the year. My mind tells me 4-5000 range. If I hadn't been on this forum, reading and studying all the time, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Seller reassured me it was "original buffing, never been retouched, that's why the Python is so sharp". The "Python" he was referring to was the top half of the pony, as the bottom half was nearly buffed out. Really sad about it in a way. I think I would have rather seen a perfect one that I couldn't afford, rather than one with potential, but just not quite right.
I hate it when sellers provide poor photographs like this. In today's digital age there is absolutely no excuse for a bad photograph, regardless of how simple the camera is or how unskilled the photographer.

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