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1958 National Match box and papers?

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Hello all, I recently discovered that my older "Gold Cup" is actually a National Match circa 1958. However, I have no papers, or box or any original info on this piece. Can anyone fill me in on the missing items. I would like to search and find everything to make this complete: box, manual, papers etc. This pistol is a 98+ and want to keep it that way. I have done some searches but get conflicting information perhaps there is someone out there knowledgeable that can help me. Also is a great shooter...super accurate.Thanks in advance .
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A 1958 National Match needs a wood-grain, telescoping-lid box with the dark green interior and yellow end label with black lettering. The included literature is a gray tone vertical half sheet. There should be a "coin" screwdriver in a small manila envelope. The gun would have been wrapped in brown oil paper.
Sorry, forgot to add that there would be a target in the box.
Awesome! Thanks. Now to find one... I will post a pic tomorrow.
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