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I was at a gun show today With my 357 Colt Trooper. There was a dealer there that offered me $850.00 for my gun...My question is I can not find hardly any information on a nickel Colt Trooper. The barrel is 4" and the serial number is 442XX. I think it is a 1965 model. I know it is hard to tell with one picture but if you can offer me any assistance as to information, condition %, and value of this gun it would be appreciated. Thank You

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The Colt Trooper was made from 1953 to 1969.
From 1953 to about 1961 it was made only in .38 Special and .22LR as a Colt "E" frame gun with the firing pin on the hammer.
In 1961 it was changed to the Colt "I" frame with the firing pin mounted inside the frame and was available in .38 Special and .357 Magnum.
This later "I" frame was the same frame and action as the premium Colt Python, and these are sometimes called "Poor man's Pythons".
In 1969 the Trooper was replaced by a totally new model with a modern transfer bar safety-ignition system. This was the Trooper Mark III. Later still, the Mark III was replaced by the upgraded Trooper Mark V.

The Trooper was available with bright blue or bright nickel finish.
Barrels were 4" or 6".
The gun was available with any combination of Target hammer, Service hammer, Target grips, or Service grips.
Bright nickel is less common then blue, but is by no means rare.

These are not rare guns, Colt having make large numbers. They were very popular with sheriff's departments and police, and for people who wouldn't spend the money for the more expensive Python.

These were very high quality guns, strong and durable.

I can't tell much about condition from a photo, but value depends entirely on the actual condition, and the gun being in 100% original factory configuration and original grips.

Today, values of all Colt revolver prices are going up these days, and the Trooper is going up with the rest. I'm not sure it's worth $850. but value is set by the market. In other words, what someone is willing to pay.
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