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Ha, I see a couple of the pictures have been removed today. The picture of the inside and the box end label.
I planned on posting this auction, after it closed, as a tutorial for those interested in learning about these bogus "NIB" packages. Accordingly, I saved a few of the more illuminating photos, such as the first issue fake Python label, circa 2010:

After it closes, and someone gets taken to the cleaners, I might do a follow up thread.

Watch out for those fakes!

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I emailed the TN box maker about another box and the following is what I received. Ron
Colt Pre-War & Post War Pistol Box Labels (RARE) : Revolvers at

My question to him on the above auction:
How can these be rare when they are current made reproductions? These and the boxes are know current reproductions and I don't know why or how you continue to market and sell as original. Every forum I know of has flagged them as repro. Ron

His reply:From: Dennis J. Mills <[email protected]>
Well they are just jealous --I know where I get them and also where they came from and all my customers like them so that is all that matters to me--Tks for your input

My reply:
I disagree. They have done very detail studies and the paper/font and materials are not vintage quality. They will not stand up to an original when plcaed side beside. Ron

His last reply:
I have also done studies Same paper same everything no difference except mine look new and they are been stored for years
A guy even sent one to Colt and they agreed they are original I still have the memo from Colt

He is bad news for the collecting community. Strickly just is it to make money from unsuspecting folks. None of the auction business will put a stop to it either.
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