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1977 Engraved Colt Frontier- Need opinions please.

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I had a friend drop by today to show me this fantastic 1977 Colt Frontier convertible. It belongs to the widow of a good friend of his who recently passed away. He is going to eventually sell this gun for her.
It was made in 1977. It has the original box, and hangtag. One side flap of the box is ripped off (but he has it), and the other flap is missing all together. It is a last year "G" prefix serial number. Also included is a .22 magnum cylinder. I can't remember if he had the owner's manual. The gun is beautifully engraved...everywhere!
He does not have a letter for it, and Colt cannot tell him whether it had original factory engraving. He is not sure if the gun may have been sent back to Colt to be engraved, or whether it left the factory that way... or maybe even engraved by a second party. Can anyone here who is familiar with Colt factory engraving tell him if this is gun is indeed factory engraved? He is also looking for a good starting evaluation price so he could list it for sale and help out his friend's widow.

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Wow, I need a drink now after resizing all those pictures. :)
Appreciate any help guys.
The end flap would tell you if it was factory engraved. Short of a Historical Letter from Colt, there would be no real way of authenticating. Just looking at the pictures I feel it's aftermarket. Try removing grips or look in other less conspicuous areas for engravers name or initials. :cool:
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I agree with Kid, I believe it to be aftermarket engraving due to the amount of coverage, and the less than expert engraving.
I agree that the quality of the engraving does not appear to be Colt Factory. Especially what was done on the aluminum parts just does not look right.
The stocks are not MOP but appear to be Jay Scott. I agree it is aftermarket engraving. I'm not impressed by this gun. JMHO.
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Thanks for all of the comments so far guys. Your thoughts have been very helpful so far.
It is not looking good for this piece being factory engraved. I will suggest he removes the grips as Kid suggested.
Would anyone be able to place a value on this gun?
SnakeGunner, there seems to be two classes of people who want engraved guns.
The first class wants a gun that is engraved by a Master Engraver or at least someone who has made a name for themselves.

The second class is someone who is just looking for 'glitz.'

This gun, to me, falls more in that second class. I have seen people asking big prices for such guns, but I have no idea if they ever sell.

There is a well executed Colt Frontier on GunsInternational that was engraved by one of the best engraver, ever, in the USA, Lynton McKenzie. They are asking $4100 for that gun and I suspect they will entertain lower offers. A price of $3500 on the McKenzie gun sounds reasonable.
As for the subject NF 22, I will estimate it might be valued in the $1500-$2200 range, but with a good sales pitch, one might be able to get a bit more for it.

I hope others on the Forum, like myself, who own several engraved guns will make their comments.
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Thank you saintclair. That is a big help. I sent my friend a link to this thread. I am sure he will find all of your comments very useful in determining his asking price.
Thanks again.
That engraving is just a little too "busy" for me.
That engraving is just a little too "busy" for me.
It actually looks pretty nice in person, and I'm not a big engraved gun type of guy. ;)
Thanks everyone, my friend has all of the info he needs to make a descision on how to go forward.
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