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1978 Service Model Ace

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Earlier this week, I discovered this Service Model Ace. A serial number lookup indicates it's from 1978. It was used, but very little. It came with two magazines, the original manual and paperwork, as well as the styrofoam from the box (although not the box itself).

I took it home and spent an hour cleaning up it. Here it is afterward:

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Material property

Normally I don't shoot .22 LR, but this looked so out of place among the Kimbers, Rock Islands, and other guns it was in the case with, I decided to give it a good home (I have a new, unfired Service Model Ace from 1980 that I bought a few years ago).

While the rimfire pistols made by Walther look like real Colts, are inexpensive, and fun to shoot, there's no mistaking them for this. This is the real deal, and the craftsmanship is exquisite.
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I was very backwardly fortunate when I found one years ago. I was on my NIB buying jag and in my excitement, I did not notice that after I picked one of the two that the dealer had - that he had given me THE OTHER (not picked by me😡)in the pile of guns that I had bought.

Consequently, instead of New In (the) Box.... I got New In (a) Box as the numbers did not match!

I was peeved as one can imagine but had already entered it into my book so I figured the old axiom applied; "If you think you paid too much for a Colt🤫.... wait a bit!"😉

Then to point, as I waited and steamed a bit more I thought; "Why NOT shoot it?" Having been so long since owning or shooting a non-converted Colt's .22 I was reintroduced to the greatest surprise in 1911 shooting this side of a Mid-Range .38 Special.

Now, it gets shot-a-lot but cared for.

Mayhap, I'll dig out that box and post it up to see if anyone here has the corresponding pistol.
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