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Hi. My BIL just brought over a 1983 mfg Colt Agent. If you cock the hammer single action it fires normally. Pulling the trigger double action results in the hammer going back about 1/4 of the way and then going forward. I have never seen or heard of this happening. Anybody have any experience or idea of what is wrong in this situation? Thanks for any replys.

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The Colt action moves the hammer back by the trigger sear area pushing against the double action strut.
If the hammer will cock for single action, it almost has to be the DA strut.

Possibilities are..... a broken strut, a strut that's partially stuck and not returning fully forward, a strut that's been altered.

Here's a link to a Colt revolver schematic. The Detective Special, Cobra, Agent, and all other "D" frames use the same action.
The double action strut is pinned to the front of the hammer and has a coil spring underneath to power it.
The DA strut in the schematic is part #21.

You have options for repair, but Colt will no longer service any of the older DA revolvers, and many local gunsmiths have no idea how the old Colt action works and often botch up the gun trying to repair something they don't understand.

Struts are available from Jack First Gun Parts. NOTE struts require fitting. The critical dimension is the length.


To get it repaired properly we strongly recommend Master Pistolsmith Frank Glenn.
He's one of the very few Colt qualified people still working and does repairs to Colt factory specifications and quality.
Prices and turnaround are excellent.

Frank Glenn-Glenn Custom Complete Gunsmithing Service Glendale AZ

If you want to try it yourself, I STRONGLY recommend saving yourself a lot of grief and prevent ruining a gun by buying the Jerry Kuhnhausen Colt Shop Manual Volume One.
This is a teaching aid for new pistolsmiths and shows all Colt gunsmithing work to factory standards.
With the book you can fairly easily install and fit a new strut.
If it isn't the strut, the book will help you identify the problem and correct it.
If nothing else the manual will show how to disassemble the gun without damaging the side plate like too many people do by prying on it.

In addition to the manual, in order not to damage expensive Colt screws, but the following sizes of Brownell's Magna-Tip gunsmiths driver bits. These few will fit all Colt DA revolver screws and they aren't expensive.


Unless you have a short screwdriver handle I recommend buying one of the Brownell's "law enforcement" size handles. These are the perfect size for proper control.
These come in magnetic or clip-tip retention:

Again, be careful who you trust to look at a Colt revolver.
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