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1st gen Detective special.. 3" swap?

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Hi all!
I have, what may sound like an odd question. I have a 1st gen (1932 according to colt's website) nickel DS. It has the standard 2" barrel. i would like to have a 3" swapped onto it. Can this be done? And could i use the shrouded barrels that came on the later generations?

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Well to be honest, I got it for a good deal. Love Colts, and have always wanted a 3". Not something I plan on selling at any point in the near future.
I believe I would sell it here and get a 3 inch one. I see a couple on GB now. Have any pics of it? Ron
Could you take a pic against a dark surface ? Ron
But is it physically possible to fit the newer barrel to the older frame? beyond the moral issues:p
Anything is possible with enough money and determination. Ever see the "smythons"? Get your flame suit on, you're going to need it.........Your gun, your money, you do whatever floats your boat, if it makes YOU happy
Maybe and maybe not. I had a 1960's vintage police positive special barrel that I was going to try and fit to a 1916 police positive special. I was going to have to remove some of the barrel's shoulder and or remove much of the rear of the barrel to make it work. I later found a similar era barrel that worked much better. Your square butt Detective special is of the first era and is a prize as is. Nickel with pearl stocks was a factory option and yours may be all original. I wound not change it.
I'd leave it be for sure. Sell it and purchase the configuration you want. The 3-inch barrel is sensible as such revolvers conceal as easily as those with 2-inch barrels with the small but perceptible advantages of the extra inch of barrel length. The difference though is not worth making a mongrel of a 2-inch Detective Speical. The 3-inch configuration may be found on occasion on GunBroker.
Sell it here in the Classifieds...use the proceeds to buy a Factory 3 Inch.

Best of both Worlds then...a 'Win Win'..!
You should be able to buy several 3-inch Detective Specials with the proceeds of the sale of the nickel 2-inch with apparently factory pearl stocks. Because it is your gun, you can crush the gun or paint it pink, or even put a 3-inch barrel on it, but that does not make economic sense. The gun has high market value as is, and little market value once modified.

Sell it and buy as many 3-inch guns as the proceeds will cover. Later guns are better metallurgically (sp?) anyway.

(Apologies to anyone offended by my "delivery.")
Thanks for the replies everyone. I think i'll be heeding your advice, i'd love to have a factory 3 inch as opposed to a modified original, i just hesitate to part with this little beauty. I just think adding another pony to my stable will have to suffice. My '72 Combat Commander needs company from her era anyways. :pwolf
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im not sure if my pearl grips are factory, any specific way to tell? markings under the grip panel, etc?wolf
Take a pic from the rear and butt of the gun and post it. Carefully remove grip/stocks and look at underside. Pearl stocks I've had look like inside of oyster from rear. If there's a wood laminate on the back of grip they're probably Jay Scott imitation.
(sorry so late, have had a tumultuous last couple of months.) I checked out the grips, they have black plastic on the inside and just look/feel like they're plastic fakes.
You would be way better off financially selling that 2 inch and buying a 3 in Detective Special.
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