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It's pretty darn cool. A true rarity and such a clean original early Model P. Hard enough to find in a standard caliber! I'm intrigued but would not want to tie up so much cash in it.

Although the "original factory rimfire hammer" is no surprise since it was standard on that gun for the 44 rimfire, it appears to be a righteous Colt conversion-before-sale, as they did with .44 RF to 22s. I'd much rather have it still in .44 of course. But the odd caliber is what probably preserved this Colt in its present unmolested and un-shot to hell condition!

I was also intrigued with finding one of two chambered in 44 Colt, Colt's well known 1860 Army percussion conversion cartridge. But I decided making one from a 2nd gen host gun was far more practical!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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