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1st Generaton SAA Grips

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WOW!! Last night a pair of 1st Generation SAA grips sold for $381.00 on eBay, with 22 bids. They were in very good condition. They were not the eagle grips first introduced in 1882, but the oval rampant grips that became standard in 1896. I've followed sales of SAA grips since going on eBay last year, and this is the most money I've seen them go for. I think Col. Colt would be proud to know how much we love our Colts.
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While that "seems" high,NOT even close to what S&W grips are going for,especially,those for the pre war large N Frames. Have seen pristine service types,and the rare pre war magnas,that are "correct" for the vaunted "Registered .357 Magnums",push the $1,000 mark.

If the SAA grips were in nice shape,checkering still visable,no chips or cracks,that was a "good price",IMO.

Wasn't that many years ago I bought a reblued SAA,4.75" 38/40,as a shooter,in a pawn shop for $225 OTD,with "perfect grips",# to the 1902 gun!

Sort of tempts me to "cannibalize" it for "parts profit",as it now wears an Uberti bbl.,as the original was rough in the bore for shooting. HMMMMM

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Pikers! An "Elephant Ears" stock for a First Model Colt Match Target just brought $728.79.
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