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Hello all, first time on here and first post.I love Colts, my first was a detective special snub nose, I have 3 cobras, and a few 1911s on their way that I can’t wait for! but I’m in the market for a 6” python now , always wanted one of course. I’m surfing gunbroker, ran into a scam which was nice, but that’s over. I love the wood grips. Been reading about the difference in grips styles, I like the darker originals, pre 1980s? I’ll buy a 2020 python eventually who looks like they’re hovering at $1700. My budget is about $2400 and I’ve found these (see pics)but can’t tell if good deals. Are there trustworthy members on this forum that sell or a place you all recommend ? Any help is appreciated

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Using Search Function,and also just going through the Python sub-forum thread headers, will yield numerous prior threads on buying Pythons from Forum member sellers here, and other sources as well.
Both positive, and non-positive opinions.

The Better threads generally pre-2020.
Plenty of threads on stock types/timeframes, etc.
Learn all you can prior to buying ....

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Yes,you ought to read up on the archives and allow the current pandemic to subside in order to get a better deal.
There are tens of thousands of them out there!
There are a couple of forum members that are super reputable and sell on the online marketplace. Especially Pythons.
Names slip my mind right now.
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