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1st Python advise needed! Got one?

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Hello all, first time on here and first post.I love Colts, my first was a detective special snub nose, I have 3 cobras, and a few 1911s on their way that I can’t wait for! but I’m in the market for a 6” python now , always wanted one of course. I’m surfing gunbroker, ran into a scam which was nice, but that’s over. I love the wood grips. Been reading about the difference in grips styles, I like the darker originals, pre 1980s? I’ll buy a 2020 python eventually who looks like they’re hovering at $1700. My budget is about $2400 and I’ve found these (see pics)but can’t tell if good deals. Are there trustworthy members on this forum that sell or a place you all recommend ? Any help is appreciated
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Howdy from N Texas and welcome to the community. Good luck with your search, but choose wisely, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is
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Using Search Function,and also just going through the Python sub-forum thread headers, will yield numerous prior threads on buying Pythons from Forum member sellers here, and other sources as well.
Both positive, and non-positive opinions.

The Better threads generally pre-2020.
Plenty of threads on stock types/timeframes, etc.
Learn all you can prior to buying ....
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Yes,you ought to read up on the archives and allow the current pandemic to subside in order to get a better deal.
There are tens of thousands of them out there!
There are a couple of forum members that are super reputable and sell on the online marketplace. Especially Pythons.
Names slip my mind right now.
Welcome to the COLT Forum from the Cradle Of Liberty...Pennsylvania !!

Enjoy Our Community Sir...

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