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2 1/2-inch Nickel Python? *Pics Added.*

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*Pics are in a separate post later in this thread.*

For a personal reason, I'm curious about whether a 2 1/2-inch nickel Python is truly very rare and is reasonably worth $4485. I find this price hard to accept, but what do I know?

Of course, the personal reason is that I own a similar Python that was made according to its serial number in 1981 and is NIB. Its box is labeled electroless nickel. It differs from the revolver in the auction in two respects. The finish of mine is satiny rather than bright. And it came with Colt's neoprene target stocks.

I don't know where it was between 1981 and 1989, but the LGS received it as new old stock during the latter year. It languished in the new gun case for over a year afterward! The shop almost never drops the price on its wares, but the owner was so tired of this Python's taking up space that late one afternoon he offered to knock 20% or so off the price if I would just buy the darned thing. Suddenly it was within my purchasing power! Final price was $425 in 1990.

It's a beautiful gun that I'm proud to own, but have never had the inclination to shoot.

I ought to post a photo and will try to do so if I can figure out how.

Any info about how the nickel finish and 2 1/2-inch barrel length fit in the panoply of Pythons would be much appreciated.

TIA for any responses. :)
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Nothing really special or "rare" about the 2.5" nickel Python. Many collectors like the snubby (2.5") barrel Pythons and they sometimes command a premium price over other barrel lengths. The gun in your link, in my opinion, is WAY over priced and it does not include the original box. If it was NIB the gun might well bring between $3000 and $4000.

The gun that you describe owning (NIB 2.5" E-Nickel) sounds exceptional. there are many forum members that would love to own that particular model. If you ever consider selling it, please let us know. It might fetch between $4000 and $4500 to just the right collector.

Any gun is "worth" only as much as what someone is willing to pay...
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An authentic, NIB, 2 1/2 inch, polished nickel Python has been impossible for me to find and remains one of the Pythons on my wish list. Yes, I see used examples, without the box, etc. from time to time, but none that is packaged properly and in like new condition.

If I owned your E-nickel 2 1/2 inch Python, and it was Like-New-In-Box, with complete and original paperwork, box and box label, I would never shoot it. I think that this configuration of Python, in LNIB condition, is quite scarce and very valuable. I do not recall seeing such a Python for a very long time; many years in fact.

Generally speaking, it seems to me that the 2 1/2 inch Pythons, in all finishes, are in great demand. Bright Stainless, Stainless, Nickel (both polished and E-Nickel) seem to attract the most attention and command the highest prices. I really wish you would post photos of this Python, along with its box, etc.

Regarding the Python in the Guns America listing, it appears to be a genuine polished nickel Python that may have been fitted with Type III stocks at some point. However, I would like to see a Colt Archives Letter before buying this Colt. The price appears to be high, but aren't all Pythons so priced these days.
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Mine is exactly like it except mine came with the sevice grips. I doubt I have shot over a couple boxs through mine. Its been a safe queen although I had alphonso of hollywood build me a beautiful floral two tone holster for it right after I bought it. Mine also ia from either 1970 or 71. I told this story before, but dont stop me, it was one of my best gun buying storys.: Jack first, the gun parts guy at rapid city used to be located in lancaster calif. Every january he had a huge sale. It would last 5 days. 10% off the first day and the 5th day 50% off. Not everything in the store but selected stuff. It always was a cirrcus with them opening the chute like a mazzeys sale, especialy the last couple days. The forth afternoon that gun was still there. I made up my mind to be there the next morning when they opened the door. That night we had the worst snow storm I had ever seen in antelope valley, about three feet! I couldnt get my truck out to the main street. I pulled my old harley out and somehow got to the main road that had just one lane plowed. I made it the 8 miles and was there when they opened the door. I nailed the python for half price. This was either january of 1970, 71 or 72. I belive I paid $165s! I tried it out a few times and found it super accurate for such a short barrel. I had/have many other guns and in those days packed a old 4" .357 trooper at work. Hence I have shot it very little and I estimate the gun 97%. Somewhere I added these mustang grips, they feel good. I noticed the gold emblem in the service grips never have been a deep gold like many others. They are pale gold. Since I am a poor retireree, I also aint crazy. If someone offered me $3,800 for it and the holster and belt I probley would take it. Hell, I just may start packing it. Mine is bright nickle, I have the box. I do not have the target, if it had one. I dont recall the target comeing with it. I remember trying it out over my truck hood rested, and repeatedly hitting a old wheel cover way over 100 yards away. Might be the only time I shot it. The belt is a foot too short, it shrunk. I used to wear the belt with other holsters.

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Dang, that is one mighty FINE Python revolver!
A true perfect correct NIB piece right now would fetch,, 5500-6500 but where can you find one ? and whens the last time you seen one. Bright NIB 2.5 inch guns,, are next to impossible as well. Bringing 6-10k.
Boys, since I opened my big mouth I went to lunch, come home and have 3 different E-mails from members here. Now that threw me in a quandry. Here is where I am at. I want a new side by side atv. I dont need to sell a gun for our day to day bills. If I buy the quad I want (got a old adiquet monster now), I need to sell a lot more guns, and I do have them. One good fair sale is nice but I dont need the money unless I sell a bunch! I need time to think this out and see if I am willing to sell off about a third to half of what I have to get the side by side. I know it looks like I am playing with you all. I honestly wish I had kept my mouth shut untill I had made up my mind. I am embarassed. It boils down to if I sell this gun I will be selling a lot more. By the way, I just pulled it out, I bet many would buy it for new, no flaws, a good 98% and the box is in good shape. I have another 4" blue python in as good shape too. That one I bought new/used. No box or PW. Got that one from jack too. The nickle snub is # E 35843 and the blue 4" is # V 73090. I dont know exactly the mfg date without researching my old notes. Somehow I accumilated 3 different sets of grips for that one. It has the rubber packmyers with the gold pony, I have the regular gold pony targets for it too and I also bought a set of faux ivory that is on it. I own 4 various colt single actions and a couple old troopers. Also a nickle scout. I own a lot more smiths than colts. Just for the fun of it, here is the blue python. I am 72 years old with a 17 year younger wife to consider. Hey, its utah! At some point I do need to start selling a bunch, but in a way its kind of like thinking of checking out! I need time to think this out. Thanks. By the way I am also known as "Feralmerril" on the smith & wesson site.

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Okay, I'm going to take a shot at posting some pics of my electroless nickel 2 1/2-inch Python.

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Um, I'm getting messages from folks who want to buy my Python. The offers are appreciated, but, sorry, guys--I really was only curious about a gun I've owned a long time. There's no auction and the revolver is not for sale. Heck, years ago I made the mistake of selling a (much less interesting) Python and have been kicking myself ever since. Won't do that again! :(

Anyway, thanks for the responses and the interest. :)
Somewhere I added these mustang grips, they feel good.
Beautiful Python ! Do you recall details on your mustang grips?
damm those are some sexy snakes..loving those grips
well Jimmy, you cant blame people for trying......... very nice pistol you have there
Probley had them 35 years. I think they might have been made in the phillipines. They are a narrow flat grip, feel good, are smooth so they should work well on a gun for concealment. I have a hunch I picked them up cheap on one of those first of the year sales jack first always had years ago where I bought the gun. I seem to remember the name of them are mustangs, but not positive.
You real sure thats a python? I know, a slip of the lip.
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