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Hi Dee P Six,
I have heard about the Sutherland collection Colt second generation SAA. I believe it is serial number 01003SA as Colt started the 2nd Gens at serial number 01001SA. I don't know what that one sold for, but I recently had the opportunity to handle serial number 01010SA. It was boxed and in 99% condition. It lettered to a dealer in Ohio. The gun was already sold. It brought $3850.

My personal experience shows that most collectors want condition, but a significant number of them like the low serial numbered guns and will pay a premium for them. I have S&W Model 1893 .32 revolver serial number "40" and I specifically bought it for the low number. My main passion is finding all of the known variations for the particular theme I am collecting...
Take care, Bob Best
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