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2 inch Python???

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I found a nice Python on AA that looks Great. One problem...It states that it is a 2 inch barrel. All my books state that the Python came in 21/2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 inches. Is there such an animal as a 2 inch. Thanks for your imput...
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Where this comes from is people measuring ONLY the portion of the barrel sticking out from the front of the frame, instead of measuring the entire barrel from the front of the cylinder.

This mistake is common and for some reason it's VERY common with Pythons. I've heard of "rare" 5 1/2" Pythons, and 1 3/4" Detective Specials.
Are you sure it's on AA and not GB ?
The one that's on GB is a 2.5 inch barrel and was listed once before as a 2 incher. It went to $750 and did not meet the reserve. One interesting thing is that it claims to be unfired, yet the grips (stocks) have been changed.
I would ask the seller where the original grips (stocks) are.

greetings , what type of grips would be the correct ones for this model ??rj
It varied occasionally in the later production days of the 2 1/2", but the "standard" was the checkered walnut "Service" grips with gold medallions.

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Lordy, lordy, check this out guys. The Wheel now does pictures!
So we all expect a lot more of this in the future.

I'll bet you thought we'd never notice.
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dfariswheel, do these grips have a flat back or do they have a milled out recess indentation ( in the center of the grip)that covers about 80-85% of the grip leaving a ledge of wood around the edge the grip , many thanks rj

Depends on the age. The early Colt Service grips had the "border" around the edges, but in the late-1970's?? Colt changed all their grips to the flat back as a cost-saver.
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