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2 NON COLTs came home with me from the OGCA show.....

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Well these were too nice to not take home...a NIB 2 digit Single Six and the same number NIB 2 digit Blackhawk 357....both #59...I have a RUGER problem TOO ;) ;) ;)

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I was at OGCA on Saturday. Nothing came home with me.:(
Well they will look good with the 3 other #59 Rugers I have managed to acquire...I also have the 44 Blackhawk, 44 Super Blackhawk, and the Red Eagle Auto 22LR.....

I also have a "numbers problem" ;) ;) ;) RR
Very nice. I attended also and almost scored a 3rd gen in 44 spl but just couldn`t make the deal happen. We were $50 away and I`ll probably regret that one.

Did pick up a very nice AWA 4 3/4 bbl in 45 Colt a guy was walking around with. Seems to be a nice revolver with well fitting parts and an exceptional case hardening finish by Turnbull.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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