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Same Officers Model but 2 different pre-war holsters. The first is a George Lawrence model 21 half flap holster. The "football" George Lawrence Steerhide logo was used on holsters before WW II & this model was in the 1941 catalog but was changed to the model 100 in the 1947-8 catalog. The size designation 38 6 applied to a number of Colt & S&W revolvers but this example is blocked for rear adjustable sights and a pre-war M&P is loose in it.
The next holster is a Heiser "Army Style Flexible" holster, model # 424. The Heiser enamel and brass snap is pre-war; the model survived the war and was listed in the early post-war number 50 and 51 catalogs but was dropped from the number 52 catalog (my copy is dated 1957). It is maker etched OM 6 on the back.
Enjoy the photos. Regards, turnerriver
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