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2017 colt gunsite pistol

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Couple years ago I shot my friends stainless Government Gunsite pistol.I really liked the handling, setup and shooting qualities. I don’t care for FCS , which isn’t a deal breaker- but will always buy a blued Colt if produced in that model.

Been watching them over the years on Gunbroke.I also found out one could purchase straight from Gunsite.Funny, on numerous listings, they list used examples on GB for more than the price of an NIB from the Proshop!

Recently saw on Gunsite webpage they were having a sale for $250 off , and these had no forward cocking serrations. I ponied up my money orders for $1300 , plus shipping, and just picked this up 🤠
Susan was a pleasure to deal with , and the Gunsite price sticker was actually $1800.

They are Series 70 pistols.
Built in Colts Custom Shop with several enhancements and quality parts.
Among them are thin rosewood panels on a bead blasted and dehorned slabside. Wolf springs and FP , short aluminum trigger which is set at 4-4.5 , operating a McCormick hammer and sear.

Flat metal MSH, serrated, as is front strap. Smith & Alexander metal palm steel safety ... the metal feels and sounds nice !

The Colt Gunsite Pistol sends 230 grains down a National Match barrel , topped with Novak’s .

Yeah , I like it ! Material property Everyday carry Pocket Zipper
Vehicle door Carbon Rim
View attachment 466010 Rim


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That's sweet man! I like it, now pull the tag off of it!
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Great pistol! Gunsite always made the 1911 into a fighting version, by adding features that the plain box Colt's needed...better sights, better grip texture, etc. They are fantastic pistols! A stainless full size Gunsite rode duty with me for a long time and a CCO Gunsite was/is my primary off duty still at times.
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