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Thanks Woodsmith.
Is there a way to tell a 22lr conversion magazine from a 22lr ACE magazine by looking at them?
Every ORIGINAL Ace magazine will be so marked on the base plate. I am not aware of any aftermarket magazine for the Ace. There are aftermarket magazines for the Service Model Ace and Conversion Unit. As mentioned, the most reliable magazines are original ones sold by Colt.

What they refer to as an ACE magazines is usually the same as the Conversion Unit.
But; Colt made an ACE before WWII, and they made a Serivce Model ACE which is the same as the Conversion Unit.
That statement is confusing. The Ace magazine is NEVER the same as a magazine for a Conversion Unit. The Service Model Ace magazine IS the same functionally as a magazine for a Conversion Unit. Magazines of the same vintage for a Service Model Ace and a Conversion Unit will be marked the same on the base plate, and have the same style of base plate.

While the magazines pictured by T.May will work in any Conversion Unit, they may not be the correct style for an earlier Conversion Unit. I am not sure just when the removable base plate design was introduced, but I think it was in about 1980 or so. Therefore, an earlier Conversion Unit would use the fixed base plate design. From about 1948-1949 on (after the "Service Model Ace" marked magazines with the aluminum base plates were used up), the base plate is marked "COLT" over "CAL. 22 L.R."

Maybe all of this is more than the OP wanted to know, but such an open-ended question raises several possibilities to be addressed. Of course, there are also variations in Pre-War and Early Post-War Conversion Unit magazines that I have not addressed .... If the OP has such a Conversion Unit, those variations can be addressed.
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