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22 Match Target Grip Question.

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What is the proper grip material for a Match Target in the 129XXX-S range-wood or plastic?

Need a nice pair if someone has a set to sell.
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"Coltwood" is the name Colt used for ALL of the plastic stocks used Post-War, no matter what the color. The early "Coltwood" formulation has a lot of orange and yellow in it in a swirl pattern. The later "Coltwood" stocks are plain brown.

In 1954, wood stocks were again adopted for the revolvers. The Woodsman did not get wood stocks again until 1960. The early Third Model Woodsman pistols used black plastic stocks, which Colt still called "Coltwood." The Government Model and Commander did not get wood stocks again until 1970.
Did Colt ever offer Woodsman stocks for left handed shooters? (Thumb rest on right side)
No. High Standard and Browning on the original Medalist are the only American target pistols that come to mind as offering factory left-handed target stocks. Ruger may have made wood left-hand thumb rest stocks, and I may have a set, but I am not sure without going on a search.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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