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I'm new to posting on this forum, I have been viewing here for a while. I have a 1950 .22 OMS that I want to shoot in bullseye. I have several questions about the revolver.
1. Is the rear sight notch the same dimension as the width of the front sight? Mine appears to be the same.
2. Is the front sight blade held in place by the transverse pin only?
3. Are the front sight blades interchangeable? Does the slot in the front sight base need opened up to accept a wider front sight blade? Mine is 0.10". I would prefer a 0.125" blade.
4. Can the rear sight blade be replaced with a wider notch opening? I would prefer a notch that is 0.20" for use with the 0.10" front sight and 0.250" for the 0.125" front sight.

My eyes are ageing and I have trouble with my sight alignment. Thanks for any advice/help.
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