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I would suggest that you buy an assortment of 22LR ammunition that you are comfortable paying for (price). Then go to the range and set up targets at 50 yds and shoot for groups. You will quickly see which brand or type seems to shoot better in your rifle. Then sight in your rifle with that ammunition and buy it primarily unless you want to experiment more later.

22 rifles are rather finicky about ammo preferences and the only way to tell is to shoot a number of different loads. Many like the CCI HV as general hunting fodder. It tends to be a little more expensive than the promotional 22 ammo or what is sold in bulk packs. The idea is to choose the ammunition that you are comfortable with in terms of price and accuracy/precision. Then stick to that brand. It is really amazing how much different 22LR shoots between different brands or types in the same rifle.

Generally speaking, the more you pay for 22 ammo, the more consistant it will shoot to POI (precision). I personally like CCI standard velocity as a lower cost target ammo. You will find that the standard velocity ammo will in fact shoot better at 100 yds as compared to most high velocity stuff.

For hunting small varmints (the kind you don't eat), I would give CCI Velocitors and Stingers a try. Velocitors seem to shoot more consistantly for me overall. Shoot some and find out if your rifle shoots them well.

I like the Henry lever action 22's. I guess I would say that I like the Marlin 39A better, but I own a Henry too.

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