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The ammo you are looking at is modern high speed 22 long Rifle ammunition. 40 grain for solid and 36 grain for the same profile hollow point. This ammo is typically rated at about 1250 FPS, a little higher for the lighter hollow point and slightly lower for the heavier solid point. Out of a rifle, it is good for fairly flat shooting out to about 75 yards then starts dropping off. While its easy to sight in a 22 rifle for 100 yards, it will shoot somewhat high at 25-50 yards if you do. We use to shoot many a ground squirrel in N.Dak with 22LR but most of the guns were sighted in at 25-50 yards as the longest shot driving the station wagon in the cow pasture was about 75 yards. We just drove closer if the shot was too far. If you can gauge your distance, then there is no reason you could not make hits at 125-150 yards as many of the guns are that accurate. just my .02
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