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Slide width on my M1908 is 0.688-0.691". The safety lever on yours does not look exactly like what is on my pistol. The trigger, safety, and grip safety should be case coloured. I do not see the VP inside the triangle (proof) and inspectors mark on the front of the triggerguard on your pistol. It could just be the picture, but it sure looks like there is some rounding (dubbing) of the edges of the frame. Also, the back of the slide does not exactly line up with the back of the frame.

I do not know with certainty what to make of this. I do not think that you have a complete Spanish knock-off of a Colt: the pistol in the picture doesn't look at all like a "Ruby" class pistol, or like anything produced by Star, Llama, or Astra. I suspect a "butchered" Colt.

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