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38 auto

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I am in search of an 38 in a automatic. Are they made? PLS help.
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Hello DCman and welcome to the forum. Your question is a little short on specifics. When you say 38, do you mean 38 Super or 38 Special?

Since the 38 Super is well know in Colt autos, I'm going to assume you mean 38 Special.

Colt did make an auto called the National Match 38 Mid Range that fired a 38 Special wadcutter round. These guns are of course long since discontinued but can be found. But they are quite pricy in my opinion. The S/N should have a MR suffix and they shoot 38 Special Wadcutter only, not 38 Special RN or HP etc
Don't forget the early Colts in .38 auto.......

You still have NOT made it clear what 38 caliber you are talking about. You haven't made it clear if you are talking only a modern production gun.

Why not check out the Colt web site for your self and decide if they have something you want in a modern production gun. They do list a 38 Super.

If you are looking for something in some 38 caliber that is out of production, check out the auction sites for your options. or

You could always go to your local gunstore and and tell them your specific requirements and see what they can come up with.
By the way, the .38 mid Range can only shoot .38 Special WadCutter.
Others .38 spl. like the round nose, etc are too log for the magazine.
Beside the .38 Mid Range is only use for olympic type matches.
The Mid Range is not useful for defense or ripid fire.
For the old .38 Auto, it is allmost impossible to find ammo for it.
If you want a .38 semiauto pistol you better buy a .38 Super Auto. It is a more comercial caliber, easy to find and you can use it for defense.

PS forgive my bad English.
So there is no .38 cal auto in production that I can carry as a regular one?

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If looking for a defense auto,look at the 1908 380 auto.It was made for a pocket arm.They are fairly easy to find and many of us depend on them for keeping alive.Used only,but hard to beat for the purpose. Remember, "a gun in the hand beats a hundred in the safe".modoc

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I am looking for a .38 calaber automatic hangun produced within the last 10 years. I am moving to FL and want to work security part time. I found out tht in FL armed security can only carry .38 or 357 w/ .38 rounds. I hope that I have explaned myself enough.

heaven don't want us,
and hell is afraid we will put it out
I´m sorry, but I haven´t understood you yet.
Do you want a semiuatomatic pistol?, or do you want a revolver?.

As I stated in all of my posts I am looking for a .38 cal semi automatic ie. non revolver... ie. has a clip... ie. holds more that 6 rounds... ie ejects the spent shells... any more questions... I will talk down to your lvl if necessary..
Lighten up DCman. You asked the same question on the Smith forum and got the same type of responses. You did not make your self clear on either forum and that is what people told you. You have made it hard for people to help you.

Good luck in your new job with whatever variation of the 38 you use.
I apoligse if I offended any one... I am just trying to see if anyone makes a production .38 in a semi auto... I did not realise tht there were so many types of .38 special ie. .38 super ect. I realy am trying to find one that is not a revolver for every day carry.... I will soon recieve my FFL licence... or at least hear back on it by March... so if anyone knows of a .38 that I can carry as an armed security officer please let me know...

TY for all of your help

heaven don't want us,
and hell is afraid we will put it out
DCman, Please, ignore the few bad manners, and try to sort out the reliable information. It's obvious from your original question you wish to obtain a semiauto pistol in 38 caliber, but you're not familiar with all the various calibers that fall into the ".38" caliber category. The actual bore groove diameter for most modern 38 caliber guns(with the exception of a couple of older semi-obsolete rounds) is actually .357 inch. Beginning with the fairly low powered .380 auto cartridge.
The semiauto guns mentioned for the 38 special were true target guns designed for the low powered full wadcutter target loads and would not be suitable as a defensive weapon. There are only a few semiauto cartridges with a ".38" caliber designation. Probably because the much more popular 9mm family falls into nearly the same bore size with a .355/356 nominal bore groove diameter. This expands you selection to a myriad of "38" caliber semiauto pistols. The most popular being the 9mm Luger...aka 9X19...aka 9mm parabellum....all one and the same. The European designation of the .380 is actually 9mm corte(spelling may not be correct). There are several 9mm semiauto calibers to choose from, and most of them fall into the lower price ranges. Several low cost guns have been imported for the 9mm Largo, and the 9X18 Makarov round(.362 dia.). The hottest 9mm round is probably the newer 9X23 round introduced a few years ago, but it never gained much popularity. There are several more 9mm/38 cartridges available, but the ones mentioned here are the most common and should give you something to explore and determine your own needs. Happy hunting!
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If you want a .38 semiuatomatic pistol, you´d better buy a Colt .38 Super Auto:

The .38 Super Auto is the more common and comercial caliber .38 for automatics.

You can buy a Tanfoglio .38 Super Auto if you like better the doble action pistol:

I´m sorry I signed the last post with the nick name tha I use in Mexican forums.

Unless things have drastically changed in the last few years since I've let my Florida Armed Gd and Sy Agency Mgr's licenses expire, if you're looking for a job as an armed guard in the state of Florida, you will be permitted to carry only a REVOLVER IN 38 SPECIAL calibre. Agency Mgrs can qualify with autos in 9mm. No crossdraw holsters, but your company will specify belt kit.

Some companies issue weapons and kit, some require you buy them, depends on the size and professionalism of the company. State Qualification standards are atrociously low, but many seem to struggle with it.

"And the blithe revolver began to sing/ To the blade that twanged on the locking-ring..."
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