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I just bought a 1957 production 4" Trooper in .38 Spl.I shot it the other day with the following problem:
when cocking the hammer after the first shot for the 2nd single action shot,the hammer was arrested about half way back-it slipped out from under my thumb the first couple of times resulting in an unfired round.The next cocking would be easier.After the first couple of times,I could complete the cycle with difficulty-obviously I didn't force things & put it away for future analysis.Any recommendations? I'm short on smithing skills but would happily pack it up & ship it to the right guy for repair.Any help would be greatly appreciated;I was really looking forward to shooting this nice Trooper.It's hard to make clear exactly what was happening-the revolver wouldn't cycle easily in single action mode & would feel like it was binding up-with no visible evidence to support this.Seemed more like a timing problem???
Thanks & regards,
John Witty

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Possible timing issue.

I don't know for sure if Colt will still work on the older Troopers or not. I'd contact them first to find out.

If they won't, here's the next best choice:
Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 766-6100

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You say no visible evidence of binding,but this sure sounds like "high primers" to me-but maybe not?

Have you checked the primers for signs of rubbing against the rear of frame(recoil shield)?

Have you checked to see that there is no "crud" underneath the ratchet or ejector plate. Even a little bit,will make the ejector sit a little high in the cylinder recess,and cause the cases to rub the recoil shield;often this is NOT apparent to the naked eye.

Going to the front of the cylinder,how is the gap between the front of cylinder and the rear of the bbl? Should be able to see a thin strip of light if held sideways next to a light.And it should be constant when all six chambers are cocked.

Finally,you did NOT say if the gun does this when "empty"??

If it cocks fine,empty,then you have a headspace problem,hopefully due to the ammo or crud under ejector star,a burr on the firing pin bushing,or even dirt in the recess on the frame rear where the ratchet rides. Hopefully it is one of these,and not something "internal"(if gun has these symptoms empty,it probably is "internal/timing".)

Is there a lot of play in the cylinder,front to rear?

Hope this helps,and that it is a minor problem. These I frames are pretty strong guns,great,smooth shooters,and pretty durable unless they have been abused.

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