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.41 Colt \"loads\" for George(and others)

George got your PM and would rather post some load info here rather than reply to you with a PM. Hopefully,but I doubt it!,others might find my "experiments" with the .41 Colt over the past decade "interesting".

A rule of thumb I have come up with,is to use load data for moderate or standard .38 Special loads with 158 gr. lead bullets. Yes,the .41 Colt hollow base bullet is heavier(185-195 grs depending on alloy) but the case volume in the .41 "balances things out.

My favotite has been 3.7 700-X,with Mag Primers. Have used 3.5 Red Dot,Mag Primers and the old stand buy of 4.5 Unique with Mag Primers. These are accurate in a 5" Army Special and a 4.75" SAA.

When I used "heel bullets" I would increase the Unique to over 5 grains,but found crimp inconsistent even using the "wire stripper" crimping trick,found in the Dec.98' issue of Handloader Magazine.

Hope this helps,and reason for the MAG primer is to get that quicker "jolt" to expand the hollow base. Also used the MAGs with heel bullets,as the crimp was NOT to tight to "hold the bullet" for a milisecond,so wanted to ignite ALL the powder quickly.

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