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.45 ACP Cylinder

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Found a .45 ACP - Cylinder, probably pre-war. It works perfectly in a 1927 SAA.

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I can see where a SSA in .45 ACP might be desirable, especially if one were to also be packing a M1911. Of course the extra cylinder is cool also.

I had an Uberti 7 1/2 .45 that had both the .45 Colt and .45 ACP cylinders, kind of wish I'd of kept it.
My original COLT SAA 45/45 4 3/4" convertible is a darned handy pistol to have around. So far it has not tossed a single 45ACP case down a rattlesnake hole, a trick my 1911NM pistol has down pat.
I have one on order, can't wait for it to arrive.
I have this uberti thunderer with the two 45/45 clyinders. Actually I havent shot them but a couple times.

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Now that I have .45 LC reloading dies and a reasonable supply of brass I no longer have as much desire for an extra ACP cylinder. It`s just one more thing to keep up with. If I were to blunder into one I would have to think twice if I really wanted it or not.
For whatever its worth: I have two Ruger Blackhawks with extra .45 ACP cylinders, one of which I returned the gun to Ruger to fit an aftermarket cylinder. Both ACP cylinders are up in the attic somewhere.

Bob Wright

(Well, you see, it was this way: I had a Gold Cup .45 ACP and traded it for a New Frontier. So bought a S&W 625 to utilize all that .45 ACP brass. Grew less fond of the S&W and bought a 7 1/2" Blackhawk, sort of converted it into a .45 Super Blackhawk, then bought a 4 5/8" Convertible and sort of converted it into a Super Blackhawk. That's the story.)
I have a nice S&W 1911 and about 750 rounds of 45ACP, I also have a 3rd Gen SAA in 45 Colt.
I much prefer shooting the SAA but find it's a lot more expensive shooting the 45 Colt ammo.
The 45 ACP through my Colt will also save me from looking all over the conc. slab on the shooting line for my brass.
Having fun with my SAA, shooting cheap ammo, and easier collection of spent brass is a no brainer.
I dont shoot, I'm a collector. On the photo the 45 ACP cylinder and a 45LC cylinder of the same 1927 - 1930 period, the beveling between the flutes is slightly rounded. 2nd generation cylinders are beveled only at the flute inlets.

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I'm new to collecting these SAA Colts but I have purchased my first one, a 1961 2nd Generation .45 Shooter in great condition. I would like to obtain an original 2nd Generation 45 APC cylinder to shoot it with. Did Colt make a early 2nd Generation 45 APC cylinder, or do I need to search for a newly manufactured one?

Thanks for all your help. This is a great Forum !.
I have a couple of older 45 ACP/45AR cylinders; they have a rebate around the rear of the chambers so you can use 45 Auto Rim cartridges in them also.
Found a .45 ACP - Cylinder, probably pre-war. It works perfectly in a 1927 SAA.

View attachment 50826
Hans, it looks like your cylinder will also chamber 45 Auto Rim cartridges.
Yes, at left a 45 ACP, at right an Auto Rim

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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