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As above, lethality of the M193 drops off after about 200 yards or less.
It depends on high velocity for it's effectiveness and after that it looses velocity needed to fragment.
What makes the M193 so effective at shorter ranges is that it fragments into many small pieces that does great internal damage.
Here's a discussion of 5.56 ammo and it includes a picture of an M193 that produced 150 fragments.

:: Ammo Oracle

As for long rang shooting, here's a post about shooting a M4 Carbine at 1000 yards with surprising results:

What a Colt M4A1 SOCOM barrel will do at 1000 yards. - AR15.COM

While some states do allow use of the .223-5.56mm for deer hunting, most have rules about minimum bullet weight, and most prohibit full metal jacket ammo of any sort.
One that apparently doesn't is Georgia. On the AR-15 forum, there was a poster showing pictures of extensive hunting of small Georgia deer with the AK-74 rifle firing the 7N6-PS full metal jacket surplus ammo.
The famous "Poison" or "Devils" tumbling bullet apparently really works. It was very effective.

However, most places you will not be legal sing the M193 on any deer or many other game animals, and effectiveness is strictly a closer range proposition. Within it's effective range the M193 is a very effective defense round, but I certainly would never use it on a deer even if allowed.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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