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Well, you take opportunities when you find them. Just traded in a VERY Accurate 4" 1961 Colt .357 (cop gun - 80% finish) for a first year six inch. (Would have kept both if I had the money!). My "new" six inch Colt Three Fifty Seven is Serial No. 344x, a first year gun with the "Dual Tone" finish, rounded front Colt Accro, polished muzzle and target hammer and full checkered target grips - all original. It's a ninety percent gun that came to me in an old Lawrence Officer's Model holster, was obviously carried in the field, used but cared for, some holster wear but not abused. Just enough wear to take it out of the "too collectable to shoot" category. Lucky for me.....!

Hope it shoots like the 4" it replaced - fifty cent piece or better groups with full charge Magnum ammo, rested, at 25 yards. We'll let you know how this one shoots. Oddly, the internals are full of grease - possibly RIG gun grease. Old timer practice? CC
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