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I've just updated my website. There are about 400 antique, collectible, and modern firearms pictured, described, and priced to sell.

Colts listed include:


(12) EARLY LOADING GATE REVOLVERS - SAA's, Bisley, 1877's, 1878's (a rare one in .32-20)

(14) EARLY SWING OUT CYL. REVOLVERS - New Services, early martials, more.

(14) MORE RECENT REVOLVERS - Several Pythons, most as new, @ $785 to $1,475; Diamondback; Courier; Agent; Officers Models, more.

(10) AUTO PISTOLS - 1902 Mil., 1903 Pocket, several engraved or commem. modern autos, more.

I only do these major updates about three times a year. If you subscribe to the Old Town Station Dispatch mail order catalog, you've already seen these guns, since I list in the mail order catalog first, but the website photos are in color if you care to check them out.

All sales made only on the terms posted on the website, and only in compliance with all laws. We're glad to ship C&R guns to C&R licensees. All subject to prior sale (since the website is not often updated, a sold gun may remain there for a while before I get a chance to mark it sold on the site or take it down).

Jim Supica, Pres., Old Town Station Ltd.

Jim Supica

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