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629 at 50yds

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made a two click adjustment when one would've put it right on the money :eek:

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Well for Pete's sake Doc, you have a SCOPE on it!

Of course it is a nice Target!

( Just joshin' ya...)


I tried a scope, a Leupold 2X, but the dot danced like Sing Along With Mitch.

So, I went with that unmagnified red dot. It still dances but nothing like the scope.
And those grips are..............???????

And that piece of rebar is for minute adjustments?

Bob Wright
Thanks for posting. I always like to see the targets and the range and the load as you have shown.
I have a 629 that also had a red dot scope on it. I think 50 yards is a good distance to sight it in. For deer hunting,thats about as far as id shoot with the handgun. I can't remember what the trajectory was at different ranges. If sighted dead on at 50 yards,where it hit at 20 yards,etc. its been awhile since shot it.
I was going to use mine for hunting but only carried it a couple times when was making a drive for someone. I decided it was just more practical to carry one of my short barreled rifles. The rifle was actualy easier to carry,quicker to get on a deer with it, and of course way more accurate and at longer distance.
I took the red dot sight off recently as it just made the gun too bulky.
If i ever get a hankering again to hunt with the 44 mag, I will put the red dot scope on it again and just use the gun on stand,so it is more practical.
stocks are cheap Jay Scott copies of, I think, Herrett targets.

rail is by Warne, but their sight radius is too short...thus the custom front blade
Maxima Multi-Sight System

Now I can use the same load, trigger, stocks in both irons and optics class
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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