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80's Agent value?

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About to buy a early 80's Agent with original grips and box for a great price this weekend. While I haven't decided if i'm going to keep it or not since i have a DS I as my daily carry, I know its worth more than I'm paying for it, and won't lose money on it. BUT........IF I were to sell it, what is the going rate for a early 80's Agent in 95% condition, with a matte finish, original box and papers going for these days?

And yes, I know pictures & year made would be helpful in determining that answer. I will let everyone know after I pick it up.
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I Pickedone up a few months back ,nib missing manual.$495. Could probably add $125 to that now with all papers. Bought one in the 80s for $240._Added a hammer shroud and carried it for years.
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