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!851 Colt

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As a collector of cartridge Colts (1877's to Official Police) I have always had an interest in percussion Colts but never owned any originals. Last night at our collectors club a member had an 1851 on his table, after a small amount of haggling I owned it. All numbers match, even the wedge, clear Colt address on the barrel and a suprisingly good bore. Not much original finish but good honest wear with the end of the barrel worn from holster carry. Not a high grade collecter item but a good representative piece showing actual use.



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Nice revolver with a good walnut grip. If everything is working and the fit is tight, it is a good piece. Gongrats with it.
Nice Navy..Any idea of DOB?...Jim
DOB meant to put that in original post 1863 serial # 142xxx.
Nice! the wedge matches too....not too often that happens.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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