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A good day with the daughter and the SOCOM

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I went with my daughter to the range today to relax and get some time in with a few rifles and a pair of 1911s, a Sig Carry Nightmare and a Dan Wesson Valor. We spent the time we had at the 50 yard range as the club was being invaded by a 3 gun competition.

My SOCOM is set up with a Grip Pod and an Aimpoint Pro. I had zeroed the Pro at 25 yards a few weeks ago and wanted to see how the SOCOM would group at 50 yards using 2 different rounds I had brought with me, a 77 gr match round and a 55 gr WalMart special. I extended the Grip Pod and used it as support. In the attached pic, both rounds hit high at 50 when the dot was held at center mass, which was expected. The lower square was the 77 gr match round, and the upper square was the 55 grain WM round, but it did bleed a little into the lower square.

This is an accurate rifle, and someone whose eyes were not as astigmatic as mine would do better. I was happy.

Now, if I was happy with the performance of the SOCOM, I was very happy with the Valor. The 4 rounds you see were shot offhand at 50 yards. There is a 5th shot which was a wild assed called flier, and is off to the right. But, 4 out of 5 shots in under 3 inches offhand with WM .45 ball ammo, well, I was pleased.

I love my SOCOM. It is showing itself to be a great rifle.

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Nothing like sharing family time and guns. It's as American as "baseball and apple pie."

Couldn't tell you how many videos I've watched on Youtube of boys and girls as young as 7yrs old shooting with their parents and being very mindful of what they were doing.

Wouldn't mind throwing a few rounds downline myself if these flood waters ever recede.
Excellent to read, I just ordered a SOCOM and 6940 today!!
God, Country, Family, put them in whatever order suits you. Belief in the three makes for strong morals and fine people to associate with. Glad you had a great day!
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