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I have a Colt Peacemaker .22 that I believe is one of six Colt ever made with a nickel finish. The gun is unfired, and came from the factory with a timing problem - the cylinder was starting to turn before the bolt retracted. This caused a noticable "catch" in the action as you tried to cock the gun. I contacted many of the well-known single action gunsmiths and none would work on the gun. Some cited its rarity, others seemed to think working on a .22 was beneath them. Then I happened to see a forum message recommending Dave Sample, otherwise known as Captain Eagle.

At first Dave turned me down, too, saying he just didn't have the time. But after a bit of pleading and whining on my part he had pity on me and agreed to work on my little Colt.

I shipped the gun to Dave on March 7 and today (4/13) I received it back. He did a magnificent job. Not only did he fix the timing issue, he also tuned the entire action. The gun now cocks smoothly with four strong clicks as the various components snap into place. The trigger breaks cleanly at what I would guess is three to four pounds. My little gun now feels as good as it looks.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave for any single action work, and I hear he builds a killer custom 1911A1 as well. He also offers an on-line 1911A1 builders course through which a limited number of students are supervised through the process of building their own custom pistol.

Dave's web site is Check it out.
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