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While digging around in the back of a safe today, I decided to haul these out. JW's are the only commemoratives I'm into. The top 2 are 1894 .32-40s , the bottom 2 are 1892 .44-40's, High Grade & Custom Grade. Also a New frontier JW Colt.

The '92s are stone cold mint NIB. I'm original owner and have all accs. for them including the shipping box that everything came in including leather case. Slip covers have never been on boxes. This is only the 2nd or 3rd time these have seen daylight.

The 94s aren't mint, but unfired. Colt is NIB.
I'd like to get the Colt .45 SAA JW someday and also a "Duke" 1894, but will prob never find the latter.

I have around 100 boxes of the .32-40 JW ammo including a full sealed case, but they're in Alaska and I can't figure out how to ship back here....:bang_wall:eek:nly have 4-5 boxes here.

Sorry for the crappy photos, but my living room is dark & it's cold and windy out & these aren't going outside.
"Modest" tribute my tailgate - THIS is spectacular!

I just have the one John Wayne Winchester 94 Commemorative and only 2 boxes of 32-40's. Do not have the scabbard; wish I would have ordered it. But I do have the wood wall rack.

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