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I am a lurker here for just a long time. Thanks to your forum messages I have got a valuable (IMHO
Colt know-how. I always admired the Colt DA revolvers especially the latest production Python, Diamonback, King Cobra, Anaconda.

It happened that a week ago I bought a 4" stainless steel Python in TOP condition. The inspection of it lasted a half an hour and the astonished owner watched it with wide open eyes because only my notes what-to-check-and-how covered 2 paper sheets! Oh my, it's a beautiful gun with action like a "swiss watch". The carefull inspection result was clear "must buy".
So it's at home!

My wife is very pleased
that every evening I take my Python and admire the exquisite workmanship from all sides... again and again...

Just a day after I received a Jerry Kuhnhausen Colt book vol.I. Must say this book is a real treasure of valuable informations ! I can't imagine to do an disassembly of my Python without carefully reading this book. Moreover, you can do an almost professional assessment a of a condition of your gun or allocate worn or badly performing parts.
I remember what Mr. DFARISWHEEL has said about this book: "Every Python owner should have a copy.".

My wife is twicely as pleased as before, because after gun-admiring I take my Colt book and start reading up to midnight... day after day...

Yesterday I took my new friend to the range. A shot with 357 factory waddcutter did such a weak recoil and noise, that I immediately checked the barrel for jammed bullet. I found clear bore only and a hole in target.
Then I fed it with factory .357 Magnum 158grs FMJ ammo and then 158grs SWC lead bullets ammo reloaded as almost-strong .38 Special.
Six rounds at 10 yards in DA shooting. I got a cloverleaf grouping!
Another six rounds. Next cloverleaf!
I put the target at 15 yards. Third cloverleaf! I watched my target with open mouth.

What a wonderfull gun. I love it!
So thanks you guys for make me decide for COLT, thank you for make me decide for PYTHON.


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Best wishes on your first.
It is nice to read of people with the same similar experiences with their first Colt.
Once again a Colt delivers its grand reputation!
Best of luck!

Keep them smoking,

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