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I think this is worth mentioning. Fred Ward passed away at the age of seventy-nine.

He got his first real break in Clint Eastwood's Escape from Alcatraz. And I enjoyed his performance in the original Tremors. He played many varied roles. His rugged good looks made him perfect for film noir heroes and anti-heroes. And of course, he played the tragic astronaut Gus Grissom in The Right Stuff. Whatever role I saw him in, he always seemed to have the real stuff.

Requiescat in pace, Fred Ward.

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R.I.P. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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RIP to Fred Ward as Gus Grissom…Remo Williams and Wilkes in “ Uncommon Valor”.

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Saw him in parts of movies , shocked he was 79 - my father isn’tquite that old .
My thoughts on him though are confidence , and a man who could handle himself .
That’s based on his characters , but imagine it was a parallel from real life .
Rest In Peace , Fred Savage ... You done good ✝

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The interaction between Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon was great in the first "Tremors". Reba and Michael Gross were a fun couple. Gross comes back in several remakes.

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Bye Fred, thanks for the show.
I almost posted that same photograph. I saw Tremors in a theater when it was first released back in 1990. I remember thinking something like this film is such pure over-the-top escapist fantasy, there's no way it'll fail in a year in which so many weird things were happening on the world stage. The film was a success and spawned several sequels. Four? Five? I forget. And you're right...the interplay between Ward and Bacon was magnetic and very realistic. They were having a good time. Bacon was no slouch as an actor, himself, as anyone who saw him in 1991's JFK can attest.

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Rest in Peace Fred Ward (1942-2022)

A marvelous character actor with intense eyes, a sly grin and somewhat grizzled appearance, Golden Globe-winner Fred Ward had nearly 90 appearances under his belt in many tremendous films and television programs. He first became interested in acting after serving three years in the US Air Force and studied at New York's Herbert Berghof Studio...and as an actor had 89 film credits:

2018 Tremors (TV Movie)
Earl Bassett (rumored)

2015 True Detective (TV Series)
Eddie Velcoro

2013 2 Guns
Admiral Tuwey

2012 Leverage (TV Series)
Steve Reynolds
- The D.B. Cooper Job (2012) ... Steve Reynolds

2011 30 Minutes or Less
The Major

2009-2010 United States of Tara (TV Series)

2010 In Plain Sight (TV Series)
Frank Jergens / Frank Jerome
- No Clemency for Old Men (2010) ... Frank Jergens / Frank Jerome

2009 Armored
Duncan Ashcroft

2009 The Wild Stallion

2009 Farewell

2008 Management

2008 Exit Speed
Sergeant Archie Sparks

2007 Feast of Love

2006-2007 ER (TV Series)
Eddie Wyczenski / Eddie

2006 Grey's Anatomy (TV Series)
Denny Duquette, Sr.
- What I Am (2006) ... Denny Duquette, Sr.

2004 Funky Monkey
Don Decker

2004 The Last Ride (TV Movie)
Darryl Kurtz

2004 10.5 (TV Mini Series)
Roy Nolan, FEMA Director

2003 Coast to Coast (TV Movie)
Hal Kressler

2003 Masked and Anonymous

2002 Georgetown (TV Movie)

2002 Sweet Home Alabama
Earl Smooter

2002 Birdseye
Nolan Sharpless

2002/I Enough

2002 Abandon
Lieutenant Bill Stayton

2001 Dice (TV Mini Series)
Gacy / Noah Aldis

2001 Corky Romano
Leo Corrigan

2001 Summer Catch
Sean Dunne

2001 Wild Iris (TV Movie)
Errol Podubney

2001 Full Disclosure (Video)
John McWhirter

2001 Joe Dirt
Joe's Dad

2000 Filter: The Best Things (Music Video)

2000 Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (TV Movie)
John Vernon 'Black Jack' Bouvier III

2000 Red Team
Retired FBI agent

2000 Road Trip
Earl Edwards

2000 Circus

2000 Ropewalk
Charlie's dad

2000 The Chaos Factor
Max Camden

2000 The Crow: Salvation
The Captain

1999 The Vivero Letter
Andrew Fallon

1998 Invasion Earth (TV Mini Series)
Maj. Gen. David Reece

1998 Dangerous Beauty
Domenico Venier

1997 Best Men
Sheriff Phillips

1997 Gun (TV Series)
John Farragut
- Father John (1997) ... John Farragut

1997 ...First Do No Harm (TV Movie)
Dave Reimuller

1996 Chain Reaction
FBI Agent Leon Ford

1996 Tremors II: Aftershocks (Video)
Earl Bassett

1995 The Blue Villa

1994 Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

1993 Short Cuts
Stuart Kane

1993 Two Small Bodies
Lt. Brann

1992 Four Eyes and Six-Guns (TV Movie)
Wyatt Earp

1992 Bob Roberts
Chip Daley

1992 Equinox
Mr. Paris

1992 The Player
Walter Stuckel

1992 Thunderheart
Jack Milton

1991 The Dark Wind
Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn

1991 Cast a Deadly Spell (TV Movie)
Det. Harry Philip Lovecraft

1985-1991 American Playhouse (TV Series)
Mr. Crouch / Royal Earle Thompson

1990 Henry & June
Henry Miller / husband

1990 Miami Blues
Sgt. Hoke Moseley

1990 Catchfire

1990 Tremors
Earl Bass

1988 The Prince of Pennsylvania
Gary Marshetta

1988 Big Business
Roone Dimmick

1988 The Price of Life (Short)

1988/I Off Limits

1987 The Hitchhiker (TV Series)
Luthor Redmond
- Dead Heat (1987) ... Luthor Redmond

1986 Florida Straits (TV Movie)
Lucky Boone

1985 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Remo Williams

1985 Secret Admirer
Lou Fimple

1984 UFOria
Sheldon Bart

1984 Swing Shift
Biscuits Toohey

1983 Uncommon Valor

1983 Silkwood

1983 The Right Stuff
Gus Grissom

1982 Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann
Lyle Swann

1981 Southern Comfort

1980 Carny

1980 Belle Starr (TV Movie)
Ned Christie

1979 Cardiac Arrest

1979 The Incredible Hulk (TV Series)
Marvin / Lynch's Henchman

1979 Escape from Alcatraz
John Anglin

1979 Tilt

1978 Quincy M.E. (TV Series)
Hostage Taker
- Even Odds (1978) ... Hostage Taker (uncredited)

1975 Hearts of the West
Sam (uncredited)

1974 Ginger in the Morning
Truck Driver

1974 Cartesius (TV Movie)

1973 The Age of the Medici (TV Mini Series)
Niccolò de' Conti
- Il potere di Cosimo (1973) ... Niccolò de' Conti

...with 1 credit as a Producer:

1990 Miami Blues (executive producer)

God Speed Sir...!!

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What a killer write up , Kev - you done Savage real proud !
Some great shows and movies he was part of , and helped.

The sly grin is a good description, with my confident guy
word , the result of that .
Definitely a cool guy , like a Lee Marvin or Kurt Russell.
I won’t compare the 5 , and the 4 were all big stars , but I’ll include James Dean and Steve McQueen. Never really thought of Fred other than I thought he was a good actor , and liked his characters, but again , your post gives him true justice on his accomplishments.

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He was a very likable character.
As others have said, the rapport he had with Kevin Bacon in Tremors was amazing.
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