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Picked up a brick of Golden Bullets from Cabelas web site last week for $23.Stopped by Bass pro Shop with my son yesterday to look at fishing vests when a salesman walked out with a case of 22s.Got 2 boxes of CCI mini mags and 2 boxes of Winchester super x for $38.They were very low on reloading supplies,but I had stocked up in '08.
I've used up more 22 in the last several months than I have in many years,but I have 3 non shooting family members who all of a sudden developed an interest in guns and shooting and I'm more than happy to introduce them to the sport.If my experience is typical,I can see why there is a 22 shortage.
Edit:I would add that this was the first 22 I had seen in a store since I told my son to grab some as I had a decent supply at home,but after watching the salesman being mobbed I figured I'd stock up too...A 22 shortage ,who'ld a thunk it!? I miss the old days of stopping at k mart for a box or two on the way out of town...
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