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BPS and Academy have plenty of quality ammo in just about every caliber. The likes of Hornady critical defense and several others.
Even with the very strict limit, but there is enough available ammo for personal consumption but not enough available for hoarders and resellers. The prices didn't seem to be much more that a year ago. Now the gun shows (should change the name to ammo, knife and jewelry show) had ridiculous prices, 22LR bricks at $99.95.
The last gun show I was at - the price of bricks of .22s were up around $120.00 to $160.00 for regular Federal or Aquila = I didn't see anyone buying it though. But I did just pick up a brick of Eley Target for $75.00 total. A little pricey but i didn't think it was that out of line for that type of ammo.
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