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Short story: RJ can't possess a firearm or ammunition for at least the next 22 1/2 months. There's lots of nice pneumatic rifles out there ranging from .177 to .20 to .22 to .25 to 9mm (yes, 9mm!) to shotguns even. I'm interested in a single cock spring gun that will give me max velocities in either .177 or, preferably, .22. Any ideas?
RWS makes a 9mm pneumatic rifle that they claim will propel a 60 grain 9mm pellet at over 900 fps!! It requires a seperate hand pump to pump a high pressure chamber up to something like 3000 psi to achieve this though and the pump itself goes for $210.00 with the rifle at $500.00. Funny that I can't possess a firearm, but I can buy over-the-counter a quiet 9mm air rifle that is every bit as powerful as a comparable 9mm handgun..... What a country!
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