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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new and improved "Official Colt Forum Image Contest". We asked for your input, we've listened and we've made significant changes. Our goal is to grow this contest in quality, contestants, participation and prizes! To date we have had seven successful contests with seven individual winners, keystonearms, MrRush, twaits, thecoltguy, Chaffee, Colt-SL and RBscrim. Each of these contest and all the images may now be viewed in one place, our brand new "Sticky" thread in the Photos Area Forum entitled Official Colt Forum Image Contest compilation thread !

Our next image contest is as user friendly as we can possibly make it. Everyone is encouraged to enter including the previous winners, keystonearms, MrRush, twaits, thecoltguy, Chaffee, Colt-SL and RBscrim. However, while we hope everyone will vote for and "Like" as many images as they wish, PAST WINNERS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN THIS CONTEST! The winner of this contest will join the winner's group and will likewise not be eligible to win the upcoming future contests. This will continue until we have twelve past winners who will then compete amongst themselves in a "Best of the Best" shoot-out!

The theme for this contest is "A Horse Is A Horse" and, unlike the previous contest, will be held in the Lounge. The only requirement is that your image must feature a Colt firearm.... any pony will do! You may use any background, staging or accessories or none at all... it's entirely up to you. The contest will start Friday July 4th. at 8:00 PM. This gives everyone one week to work on their image before the start of the contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, July 11th. at 8:00 PM. but the voting will continue until Monday, July 14th. at 8:00 PM at which time the winner will be announced. I'm excited about the prize for this all new contest. It's a registered authentic digital copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 imaging software. Adobe is the unquestioned leader in imaging software and Elements 12 is loaded with useful features and is user friendly.

As always all images must be original and taken by the entrant. The images will be voted on by clicking the "Like" button at the bottom right of each image. The images should be judged on content, creativity, set up and technical skill. The rarity or collectability of the guns should not be considered when voting. Please do not comment in this thread during the contest.

Have fun and I'm sure we'll see some great images of great guns!

Rick Bowles
1 - 20 of 61 Posts