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An announcement for all members

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I suppose you guys wonder why you never see any staff in here.

This forum was inherited by me when my business partner and I bought out the old United Forums from Nick, the previous owner.
As many of you well know, Nick made some serious mistakes in judgement, managed to get himself deep in debt, deep in trouble with the law, and had to sell off assets.

You guys have pretty much been on your own. There never really have been many problems and there really isn't much to moderate, which speaks well of the members here.

Due to growth in larger, more active forums that also reside on this server, we will likely be moving those forums to another server in the near future.
That means, unfortunately for you guys, that this forum will go away.

However, all is not lost. Do we have any web-savvy people here interested in purchasing the data and member files? You could recreate this forum on another server. All posts would remain intact. All member registrations would remain valid.

We could just shut the thing off without so much as a by-your-leave, but I don't want to do that. It would be a shame, I think, because I know we have some hardcore Colt enthusiasts here.

If anyone is interested in preserving and taking ownership of this forum, please email me at [email protected] .

The lights are not going out tomorrow, fellas, but it won't be long. If someone will step up and work with me on this, this forum can stay alive. Let me know.
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When I first found this forum about a year and half ago there was practically no, repeat no, activity on this board, maybe one or two postings a week. Not to be outdaunted, I just kept posting and little by little we started to get a few new members and the activity started to pick. Now I know we will never be as active as the S&W forum but at least we had a start.
I would sincerely hate to see this forum fold, but as much as I may desire to do so I am getting too old to start another business and though I may have the wherewithal, I certainly don't possess the web knowledge to run something like this forum. Maybe someone could step forward and figure out a way to take it over and who knows one day this may as big as the S&W.


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It may not be as hard as you think. Think it over. Talk to some others here. Shoot me an email if you want to talk.
P: Email sent to you seeking further details. I really don't want to see the Revolver forum go belly up.

Charlie Flick
could the S&W forum expand a little to include a section on Colts?
With the activity that the Colt forum sees it almost makes more sense to merge it into another forum.

I'd hate to see it go away so I have also inquired into what it would take to keep it going.
It's not going to happen, guys. If I merged a Colt forum into the S&W board I'd never hear the end of it. This forum will live or die on its own.

ordnanceguy, I got your email. I've just got my hands full at the moment.
I also have inquired about taking over the forum. Granted it isn't large but I don't want to see it die. A lot of you have given me good advice and answered questions on Colt revolvers for me, there is to much knowledge here to let slip away.

I have talked to a friend running another forum and have gotten good advice about running forums. We'll see what happens.
Say it isn't so! I hope one of you guys is able to take over this forum and keep it going. I second what joed said, there are too many nice people with too much good information and advice to let this forum die. My screen name gives away my origins in the S&W forum, but I like my Colts as much as my Smiths, that's why I always visit here every week before I vist the Smith forum. Like diamonback68 also said, I too noticed that there was hardly any activity here as compared to the S&W forum. I always wondered why that was, and i just came too the conclusion that maybe the Colt guys are just less talkative or maybe more secretive! I hope we can keep this place alive!
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