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while I do not think a widespread production of Pythons is possible ,I could see custom shop one at a time orders like the New Frontier. For what the used ones aregoing for , this would be a bargain. What Colt needs to do is get a 22 Sa revolver, a 22 auto, a da 2 inch 38 and mid frame 357 out there ,as well as the da 9mm pocket 9 ,and expanded 380 lineup. that is where the money is in volume
I have to say, I think there is a lot of truth in what you are saying Lawman. I don't necessarily hear a lot of people asking for 22 SA revolvers, but they must be selling. Look at the Ruger Single Sixes. What competition from big name makers do they really have? Id love to see that come back. That's something I think any dad would love to buy for his son or daughter. 22 Autos are huge, long gun or handgun, makes no difference. Maybe they should ditch the Walther licensed 1911 and start making the conversion kit, and price it such that an average joe could have a chance at it. Despite popular opinion, the demand for 38 snubs is alive and well. You dont realize it until you try to find the make and model you are looking for and suddenly realize the supply line is dry. Who's making them other than Smith? Sure theres Charter arms, Ruger, and a few others, but I think theres room for more.

What you said about volume is correct in my opinion. Based on my experience, the single most popular handgun is a plastic 9mm. Im not saying Colt should or shouldn't start pushing those, but its just a fact. For every person I hear looking for a 1911 type gun, I'll show you at least 9 or 10 looking for something in plastic 9mm. Usually either Springfield or Glock. (Both good guns, however I own neither.)

It kind of goes back to getting guns in the hands of customers though. If they cant keep up now, how are they going to add anything? I wish Colt the best of luck. I am disappointed the days of going into a gun store and having a large variety of new Colts to handle and view passed before I got into guns. I hope those days return...
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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